Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers: Sukuna vs Yuji Continues, Yuji’s New Power!

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers: Sukuna vs Yuji Continues, Yuji’s New Power!

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 244 is scheduled for release on Monday, December 4 at 12 AM JST. With Kenjaku defeated after Yuta’s surprise attack in the previous chapter, we are unsure of what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

Gladly, the leaks for the upcoming JJK 244 have surfaced, giving us sneak peak into what we can expect from the upcoming chapter.

Jujutsu Kaisen 244 Spoilers:

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers: Sukuna vs Yuji Continues, Yuji's New Power!
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers: Sukuna vs Yuji Continues, Yuji's New Power! 2

The Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 spoilers have revealed that the story shifts back to the fight between Yuji and Sukuna. Unfortunately for Gojo fans, the leaks have confirmed that we see no glimpse of Satoru Gojo and his present condition whatsoever.

The chapter opens up with a shot of Higurama and Itadori preparing against Sukuna.

When it comes to facing Sukuna, Kusakabe suggests deciding who will fight and who won’t. Kashimo argues that since it’s an all-out war, everyone should participate. Miwa, who made a binding vow in Shibuya not to use her sword, is mentioned by Kusakabe as someone who can’t fight.

In a meeting, they plan to make Kenjaku let his guard down and finish him off with Yuta, but only if Gojo loses. Yuta is expected to return quickly after dealing with Kenjaku. Kamo apologizes, stating he can’t be of help and decides to leave the country with his family.

Kusakabe determines that those who can use Reversed Cursed Technique or are willing to die will join the battle, while others will support. Yuji consoles Kamo, expressing gratitude for learning from his senpai and teasing Choso’s teaching abilities.

Higuruma plans to go after Kashimo, using his Cursed Technique to confiscate Sukuna’s Cursed Technique. He mentions the possibility of giving Sukuna a death penalty and fighting with the Executioner’s Sword.

Kashimo expresses annoyance and Hakari appreciates him giving up his spot for Gojo. Kusakabe questions Higuruma’s ability to confiscate and give a death penalty to Sukuna. Yuji explains that it depends on the charges Judgeman uses, and Higuruma summarizes the potential charges against Sukuna. They discuss the difficulty of questioning Sukuna’s crimes related to his fingers.

Higuruma outlines the sentencing for murders, and Kusakabe explains the challenge of Higuruma’s Cursed Technique addressing one crime at a time. They ponder whether Sukuna’s crimes from 1000 years ago would be charged, and Higuruma suggests the modern law might not apply to pre-reincarnated Sukuna.

Yuji suggests a way to guarantee Sukuna a death sentence. The scene shifts to Mei Mei’s crows being destroyed by Sukuna. Higuruma and Yuji launch an attack, disrupting Sukuna’s stance, and Higuruma opens his domain “Deadly Sentencing” against Sukuna.

Yuji tells Higuruma that they can use the trail from the time they both fought and use that against Sukuna. They can add Sukuna as co-defendant of Mass murder in Shibuya and sentence Sukuna through that.

Higuruma claims Itadori didn’t commit the murder, revealing that his earlier confession was false. The true criminal is unknown, setting the stage for a court battle of death. The chapter ends with a break announced for the next week.

You can read JJK 244 officially when it releases on Monday, December 4 at 12 AM JST at Viz Media’s official website for free!

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