Wuthering Waves Character Tier List: Best to Worst ranked

Wuthering Waves Character Tier List: Best to Worst ranked

Wuthering Waves is around the corner with the game set to release on May 22, 2024. As of right now, there are 17 characters (Including the Rover) scheduled to release with the launch of the game. If you’re interested in a tier list type ranking system to know where these character stand, this article will dive deep into Wuthering Waves character tier list featuring and ranking all 17 characters, their power levels, element and weapon type.

Note: The rankings in the Wuthering Waves Character tier list is based on Wuthering Waves public beta and are subjective.

Wuthering Waves character tier list: at a glance

In short, these are the characters ranked according to their power levels in the pre-release beta:

S-tierCalcharo, Yinlin, Verina, Mortefi
A-tierJiyan, Encore, Jianxin, Danjin
B-tierLingyan, Aalto, Baizhi, Sanhua
C-tierChixia, Yuanwu, Taoqi, Yangyan, Rover (MC)

Wuthering Waves tier list: where does each character stand?

Ranking criteria: While the tier list is ranked, characters within one tier are not ranked. So, while we know S-tier Character A is stronger than an A-tier Character B, we can’t say for sure if S-tier Character C is better than S-tier Character D.

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Wuthering Waves Character Tier List - S-tier
These are S-tier characters as on the first patch. (Image Credits: Kuro Games)

The top-tier Wuthering Waves characters. They provide a lot of utility and value to an account and function very well despite low investment. Definitely pull for them or build them if you manage to get your hands on them. Here’s all S-tier Wuthering Waves characters:

Calcharo: Calcharo is a 5-star Electro elemental Resonator and uses a Broadblade weapon in Wuthering Waves. He is an on-field DPS whose skill “Extermination Order” can be cast three times to deal electro damage. The skill has a short 10-second cooldown.

Yinlin: Another 5-star Electro Resonator that takes the S-tier spot on the tier list. She uses a Rectifier and has one of the strongest kits in the game. Comparable to Calcharo if not better.

Verina: She’s a 5-star Spectro character and uses a Rectifier. The community votes her as one of the best characters to pull on release for her healer and support-focused kit.

Mortefi: Despite being a 4-star, Mortefi brings a lot of value with his off-field DPS (Sub-DPS) kit and his ability to boost the damage of the on-field character. He is a Fusion character and uses Pistol in combat.


Wuthering Waves Character Tier List: A-tier
These characters are just slightly less valuable than S-tier ones. (Image Credits: Kuro Games)

These characters are slightly below in power-scaling. However, you should definitely build these characters if you get your hands on them. The A-tier Wuthering Waves characters are as follows:

Jiyan: He’s an on-field 5-star Aero character that wields a Broadblade. If you’re a fan of his design and want to make a pull on the first banners, he will provide great value to the team with his AOE abilities.

Encore: Encore is a 5-star Fusion character who uses a Rectifier in Wuthering Waves. She also has an on-field DPS kit with strong front-loaded damage. She’s suitable for early stages but needs to be paired with other characters to compensate for the field time.

Jianxin: Like Jiyan, Jianxin is also a 5-star Aero character. She wields a Gauntlet in the fight and is one of the top-tier healers/supports in the game. Her kit has some shielding abilities too to ease the game for new players.

Danjin: She is a 4-star Havoc character who wields a Sword in Wuthering Waves. She’s one of the hardest-hitting characters currently despite being a 4-star. That said, getting that damage output from her requires a bit of execution.


Wuthering Waves Character Tier List: b-tier
These are B-tier characters in the Wuthering Waves character tier list. (Image Credits: Kuro Games)

These characters are great but require skills or heavy investment to pull out the big damage numbers. Here’s a list of all B-tier Wuthering Waves characters:

Lingyang: He is a 5-star Galcio character who wields a Gauntlet. He’s a close combat DPS who demands skill and execution to make the most out of his kit. That said, he’s still strong in the hands of the right player and proper investment.

Aalto: Aalto is a 4-star Aero Wuthering Waves character and uses a Pistol in battle. He has a strong DPS kit but that gets overshadowed by the S-tier and A-tier characters on the list. However, he’s great at ranged combat and has a taunt to give you breathing room in battle.

Baizhi: She’s a 4-star Glacio Wuthering Waves character who likes using Rectifier as her weapon. She also has a healing-focused kit that makes her directly compete with Verina. That said, you can build her if you don’t get Verina, else Verina is a better unit all things considered.

Sanhua: She’s a 4-star Glacio character who uses a Sword in battle. She’s considered by many to have one of the best designs, yet her DPS-focused kit isn’t able to compete with some other DPS on this list. Moreover, her Forte Circuit mechanism is difficult to execute, making it harder to pull out significant damage for beginner players.


Wuthering Waves Character Tier List: C-tier
Only pull if you like these characters (Image Credits: Kuro Games)

Chixia: She is a 4-star Fusion character in Wuthering Waves and she uses Pistols as her weapon. She has a DPS kit and can be worth it in the early game and overworld. However, her numbers fail to impress during bigger boss battles.

Rover(Main character): Your main character is a 5-star that you get for free and uses the Spectra element. She can be good for early-game but building and investing them isn’t recommended due to low return on investment.

Taoqi: She’s a 4-star character in Wuthering Waves who manipulates the Havoc element and uses a Broadblade in battle. While she’s my personal favorite in terms of design, her low damage and defensive utility do not hold up very well compared to some other characters on the list.

Yangyang: She’s a 4-star Aero character in Wuthering Waves who wields a Sword in battle. Her kit is that of a Sub-DPS that fails to stand up to the competition. While she can work in early game, it is not recommended to invest in her.

Yuanwu: Yuanwu is a 4-star Wuthering Waves character who wields a Gauntlet in the game. He is an off-field DPS and support character but requires high investment and skill management to pull off some damage. Despite that, his damage does not compare to other characters on the list.

That wraps up our Wuthering Waves character tier list. I’d like to again mention that the list is based on the early beta of the game and can change over time once Wuthering Waves releases on May 22, 2024. That said, this list should give you a pretty accurate idea about the characters, their current power levels, and whom you should pull for. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out Wuthering Waves on Android, PC, and iOS!

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