Rent-a-Girlfriend New Character Visual for Season 3

Rent-a-Girlfriend New Character Visual for Season 3

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 is scheduled for this summer season 2023 and will begin airing on July 7, 2023.

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 new character visual featuring Mini Yaemori
Rent-a-Girlfriend New Character Visual for Season 3 2

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Synopsis of Rent-a-Girlfriend (Kanojo, Okarishimasu)

Meet Kazuya Kinoshita, a 20-year-old college student whose world is turned upside down when his beloved girlfriend, the cheerful and radiant Mami Nanami, abruptly ends their relationship, leaving him shattered and desolate. Desperate to mend his broken heart, Kazuya turns to a virtual solution, employing the services of an online rental girlfriend. Enter Chizuru Mizuhara, a stunningly beautiful young woman with an adorable demeanor that captivates Kazuya, drawing him closer.

However, as Kazuya stumbles upon shared accounts from other customers, he begins to suspect that Chizuru’s warm smile and compassionate nature were merely a façade designed to exploit his emotions. Feeling deceived, he rates her poorly, inciting Chizuru’s ire and prompting her to confront him about his blatant hypocrisy. In a heated exchange, Chizuru reveals her true spirited and fiery personality. Their interaction, however, is abruptly interrupted when Kazuya receives distressing news—his grandmother has collapsed.

Racing to the hospital, they discover Kazuya’s grandmother already on the road to recovery. Confused by Chizuru’s presence, the grandmother inquires about her identity. In a spontaneous moment, Kazuya impulsively declares that they are lovers, compelling Chizuru to play along. Yet, as Kazuya remains haunted by his past relationship with Mami, the question remains: how long can this challenging dynamic between an unwilling rental girlfriend and a hesitant client continue before their act unravels?

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