My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers Confirms All Might vs All for One!

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers Confirms All Might vs All for One!

After the conclusion of Ochaco Uraraka and Himiko Toga’s fight, along with their intertwined storyline in the previous chapter, fans of My Hero Academia are eagerly anticipating what awaits them in chapter 396. As the final arc’s war approaches its climax, there are only a few major battles and events left to focus on. One of which, unexpectedly happen to be All Might vs All for One!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers Confirms All Might vs All for One! 2

The chapter is aptly titled “A Quirkless Fight” as we all know All Might had lost his quirk, One for All, after handing it over to Midoriya Izuku, the recent spoilers out from the leakers has shocked the entire community. While All Might remains quirk-less, he appears to be using technology given to him by I-Island’s Melissa and Dave from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes to stand toe to toe with All for One.

Horikoshi’s love for Western comics is well known in the community and yet again we see another nod to one of the most popular superheroes from Marvel Comics, Iron Man. In My Hero Academia Chapter 396, The new tech armour All Might uses in his fight against All for One forms itself out of a briefcase, much like the Robert Downey Jr.’s transformation in Iron Man 2. Early translation seem to indicate that the armour is called “Armoured All Might” and attempts to replicate strength of All Might along with several quirks.

While we have to wait for the official release of the chapter for proper translations for the abilities of Armoured All Might, from the early leaks, the suit seems to be using a variety of quirks such as Chargebolt, Black Whip and Cellophone.

Early spoilers hint that this fight could be All Might’s Final Stand

As per the twitter user @RukasuMHA who provided early rough translations provided the below translation where Tsukauchi said, “how it is impossible to for someone without a quirk to face against All for One, no matter how many support items he has.”

While Tsukauchi is scared and doubtful of All Might’s fate, All Might replies to Tsukauchi:

As the My Hero Academia chapter 396 comes to a close, the battle continues and the destiny of All Might remains undecided.

Fans will have to wait a couple weeks to see the continuation between the battle of All Might and All for One as My Hero Academia takes a one week break due to holiday in Japan.

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