How To Find Ancient City In Minecraft

How To Find Ancient City In Minecraft

How To Find Ancient City In Minecraft


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The Deep Dark biome received a lot of attention in the 1.19 Wild Update for Minecraft, among other features. The Ancient Cities are the most mysterious and the scariest places, holding exclusive and rare items in Minecraft.

The Deep Dark Biome

It’s important to know when you’re in a Deep Dark biome because that’s the first step towards discovering an Ancient City. You should go to Y level -52 to begin mining or caving in Deep Dark biomes until you see Sculk.

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The Deep Dark Biome is a dark, underground area made mostly of sculk blocks that receive no natural light. A mood of mystery and dread permeates this unusual biome, which is home to the elusive Ancient Cities. This biome is dangerous and unpredictable. One of the biggest threats is the potential to summon Minecraft’s strongest mod, the “Warden,” by triggering Sculk Shriekers.

What are Ancient Cities

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With their unique and rare items, the Ancient Cities are the most mysterious and terrifying places in the entire game.

Ancient Cities are rare structures found exclusively within the depths of the Deep Dark biome. These sprawling cities are characterized by their colossal caverns adorned with sculk-lined walls and structures predominantly crafted from Deepslate.

Mysterious Ancient Cities are full with treasures, including Sculk blocks, which are essential for creating complex redstone constructions.

How to Locate Ancient Cities in Minecraft

Only the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft is where the Ancient City can spawn. In the game, it is a brand-new cave biome that typically generates nearer the world’s bedrock level. It can be recognized by the newly sprouting sculk blocks in this biome. Usually, the Ancient City spawns below Y=-20 in height.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-11.png

The height of Y=-40 is where you can find them the most frequently, though other cave biomes nearby may have an impact on this. Therefore, the best way to locate an Ancient City is to explore the caves located in negative values.

Tips for Exploring Ancient Cities

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It is recommended to take night vision, strength, and regeneration potions with you and also create a base at least 20 blocks outside of the city. Clear and light up the areas near your base. It will be dark, so you need to know the general direction to go, so always know the path back to your safe spot. Additionally, always have a stack of more than 25 wool blocks on hand in case you need to use them as a pillar to get away from the warden.


Does an ancient city contain the best and most unique loot?

Yes, ancient cities offer loot like Echo Shards, Swift Sneaks, Sculk Sensors, and Disc Fragments that can only be found in ancient cities.

Is it possible to activate the portal within an Ancient City?

Not yet in vanilla Minecraft! The mysterious portal in Ancient Cities is currently purely decorative. However, Mojang has hinted at future updates involving the portal, so it’s possible it might become activatable in the future.

What rewards do players receive after defeating the Warden in an Ancient City?

After defeating the warden, you will only get a single sculk catalyst. It also drops 5 XP after dying.

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