Hell’s Paradise Season 2 Announced After First Season Finale!

Hell’s Paradise Season 2 Announced After First Season Finale!

Hell’s Paradise Season 2 has been officially announced after the 13th and final episode of the first season aired. You can watch the announcement trailer for Hell’s Paradise Season 2 below:

The first season of Hell’s Paradise concluded with its 13th episode. Season 2 will continue with the “Lord Tensen” arc and then move on to the “Horai” arc, covering chapters 60 to 110 of the manga. At present, no information about the staff or additional cast for Hell’s Paradise Season 2 has been released.

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Hell's Paradise Season 2 Announced After First Season Finale! 2

Hell’s Paradise is an anime adaptation of the original manga series created by Yuji Kaku. The manga series of Hell’s Paradise was serialized on a weekly basis in the Shonen Jump+ application from January 2018 to January 2021, encompassing a total of 13 volumes. Currently, the Hell’s Paradise manga has over 4 million copies in circulation. VIZ Media holds the English license for the series and has published all 13 volumes.

The official synopsis of Hell’s Paradise anime is as follows:

In the waning years of the Edo Period, Gabimaru, who was once renowned as the most powerful shinobi, loses his path and finds himself captured. In order to gain a pardon from the shogunate and reunite with his beloved wife, he is given a task to retrieve the legendary elixir of life from an island rumored to be a paradise. Accompanied by the executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, Gabimaru embarks on the journey to the island. However, they encounter other death row convicts who stand in their way. Moreover, the island is inhabited by enigmatic beings, eerie statues, and supernatural creatures. Will Gabimaru succeed in locating the elixir of life and manage to escape the perilous island with his life intact?

The announcement for Hell’s Paradise Season 2 came on Saturday, right after the completion of the first season.

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