All 21 confirmed and unconfirmed characters in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+

All 21 confirmed and unconfirmed characters in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+

As Fontaine arrives in Genshin Impact in a couple of weeks with live stream scheduled on 04th of August, 2023, the community is buzzing with numerous character leaks. Players are eagerly awaiting the introduction of a fresh pool of characters for the new regions in upcoming 4.X versions. Historically, HoYoverse officials has released approximately 17 characters with each new nation, and this is also expected for the Fontaine updates.

Recently, reliable sources have leaked information about around 21 characters, along with their concept art and potential release times. In this listicle, players will get to know all the characters that have been revealed in recent official videos and Genshin Impact leaks.

Genshin Impact Version 4.0+ Characters List:

1. Lyney

Expected release: Version 4.0

Kit: Pyro Bow user (5-star)

Lyney serves as a magician in the court of Fontaine. According to recent leaks, he is expected to rely on charged attacks as his primary source of damage in Genshin Impact.

2. Lynette

Expected release: Version 4.0

Kit: Anemo Sword user (4-star)

According to leaked information, Lynette, who happens to be Lyney’s younger sister, serves as his assistant during magic shows. Her abilities are said to include taunting enemies and a running mechanic reminiscent of Yelan’s abilities from Genshin Impact.

3. Freminet

Expected release: Version 4.0

Kit: Cryo Claymore user (4-star) [Physical]

Freminet is a renowned professional diver and also happens to be the youngest brother of Lyney and Lynette. According to leaks related to Genshin Impact, he is expected to be a sub-DPS character, utilizing shattering mechanics as a means to deal damage.

4) Navia

Expected release: Version 4.5 (speculated)

Kit: 5-star Geo (Weapon unknown)

Based on the leaks, it is revealed that she has ties to the Navy and will have a significant role in the Fontaine archon quest. Additionally, leakers suggest the possibility of her being included in the Standard banner after her initial debut.

5. Charlotte

All 21 confirmed and unconfirmed characters in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+
All 21 confirmed and unconfirmed characters in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+ 3

Expected release: Anticipated in Version 4.2 (subject to speculation)

Kit: 4-star Cryo Catalyst user

From what we know from the 3.7 event quest, Charlotte is employed as a journalist at Steambird, a reputable newspaper company located in Fontaine.

6. Wriothesley

Expected release: Version 4.1 (speculated)

Kit: Cryo Polearm (5-star)
There are rumors suggesting that Wriothesley may hold the position of a prison officer or warden in Fontaine. According to a trustworthy leaker, he is expected to utilize physical attacks despite possessing a Cryo vision, and there are plans to add him to the permanent banner after his initial introduction.

7. Sigewinne

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Hydro Bow (4-star)
Sigewinne is anticipated to be the first chibi playable character hailing from Fontaine. Leaks strongly indicate that she will hold the distinction of being Fontaine’s inaugural healer to join the roster in the 4.0+ updates.

8. Clorinde

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Electro Sword (5-star)
Clorinde holds a position of great authority and works closely with the Chief of Justice. According to recent leaks, it is suggested that her kit might include the use of firearms.

9. Furina

Expected release: Version 4.2 (Speculated)

Kit: Hydro Sword (5-star)
Genshin Impact leaks suggest that Furina’s kit might involve life steal and abilities related to gravity. Additionally, there are rumors that she has split her personality into two identical bodies.

10. Neuvillette

11. Arlecchino

Expected release: Version 4.3 (Speculated)

Kit: Pyro Sword (5-star)

Additional Info: Leaked information indicates that Arlecchino is likely to be a Pyro burgeon support character with Pupettering abilities.

12. Cloud Retainer

Expected release: Version 4.4 (Speculated)

Kit: 5-star

Sources claim that Cloud Retainer will be playable and we may see her release in the upcoming Lantern Rite event.

13. Guizhong

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Unknown
In Genshin Impact, Guizhong is depicted as an Adeptus from Liyue Harbor who actively participated in the Archon Wars but met her demise during the conflict.

14. Madame Ping

All 21 confirmed and unconfirmed characters in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+ madame ping
All 21 confirmed and unconfirmed characters in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+ 4

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Unknown
Players speculate that the polearm master of Xiangling and Yaoyao will be none other than a young Madame Ping, who could potentially become a playable character in the game.

15. Chevreuse

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Pyo (4-star)

According to Genshin Impact leaks, Chevreuse is said to be associated with Fontaine’s prison department and possibly holds the position of a female prison officer there.

16. Sertice

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Pyro Sword (4-star)

No information available.

17. Chiori

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: (5-star)
While running her own clothing shop in Fontaine, Chiori originally hails from Inazuma. Moreover, she is the talented designer behind Kirara’s outfit.

18. Dahlia

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Hydro Catalyst (4-star)

Genshin Impact leaks suggest that Dahlia serves as a deacon within Mondstadt’s church. Furthermore, he has been mentioned in Rosaria’s voice lines.

19. Mummy Girl [Name Unknown]

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Hydro Bow (4-star)

No information available.

20. Skirk

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Unknown

In Genshin Impact, Childe’s voice lines mention Skirk as his master. There is speculation that she may have connections to the Abyss or Khaenri’ah.

21. “Lion Dance Boy” [Name Unknown]

Expected release: Unknown

Kit: Unknown

No information available.

So! These are all the characters speculated to release somewhere in Genshin Impact Version 4.0+. Which one do you like or which one are you waiting for? Do let us know!

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