My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Spoilers: Bakugo Vs All for One

My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Spoilers: Bakugo Vs All for One

This weekend, the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 406, dropped, and it was a rollercoaster of intense battles and surprising developments. While the clash between Deku and Shigaraki got some attention, the real spotlight was on the explosive showdown between Katsuki Bakugo and All For One.

In Chapter 406, Bakugo’s mastery of his Quirk took center stage, showcasing his ability to use it to its full potential in real-time. The chapter delivered a gripping continuation of the series, giving Bakugo a significant power boost following Deku’s recent impressive feats.

My Hero Academia – Chapter 406:

Chapter 406 of My Hero Academia started out by highlighting the various other battlefields of this final war, showing that they had been secured. This included the Central Hospital battlefield, the Okuta Island battlefield, and the ground zero of the Divide-and-Conquer operation, which was where fans last saw Toru Hagakure and Yuga Aoyama.

This focus also made it clear that Ryuko Tatsuma, Masahirao Ojiro, and other fighters were still engaged in combat with a very sinister-looking villain at the National Takoba Arena. Then it became clear that Skeptic had been apprehended and that the citizens in the stuck block were safe and on their way to Shiketsu after the underground evacuation was finished.

As a huge explosion appeared in the sky, All Might commented on how fast Bakugo had suddenly become. Edgeshot then explained that in his previous brink of death, he became so fast that he even left Shigaraki in the dust, if only for a moment. Edgeshot stated that it was because Bakugo learned something new about his Quirk.

As Bakugo faced off against All For One, the latter acknowledged the boy’s newfound speed but decided to postpone dealing with him for the moment. The focus then turned to Deku and Shigaraki, with the latter stating that he would continue to destroy Bakugo until he was completely beyond repair.

My Hero Academia chapter 406 Spoilers: GO BEYOND

Deku, however, analyzed the situation and realized the challenges posed by Shigaraki’s enhanced Quirks. Despite successfully doding attacks, he acknowledged the limitations of his endurance. Chapter 406 teased Deku’s “final final” attack, setting the stage for an epic clash between the two.

The line, “Go Beyond” appeared on the first double-spread page of My Hero Academia chapter 406, and Bakugo similarly prepared himself to rush All For One. All For One, however, tried to run away from Bakugo, remarking that the small child was not a concern because he was not as strong as Endeavor or Dark Shadow.

The chapter also delved into Bakugo’s understanding of his Quirk’s “side effect” and his ability to use it to create secondary explosions, making him incredibly fast and uncontrollable. All For One struggled to comprehend Bakugo’s newfound speed, leading to a series of explosive moments.

Bakugo’s parents nervously watched the battle, expressing both concern and pride for their son. All For One, increasingly agitated, questioned why Bakugo infuriated him more than even All Might. This frustration triggered a revealing flashback to the Second User of One For All, introducing a new layer to All For One’s deep-seated hatred.

As the chapter concluded, Bakugo, with a massive explosion, reminded All For One of his identity as “Kacchan of the Bakugos,” leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next developments in this intense confrontation.

My Hero Academia – chapter 406 Summary:

The latest chapter in manga creator and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi’s series is one of the most thrilling ones in recent memory, as it marks the official start of Bakugo and All For One’s fight. It appears that the latter’s focus will be on killing Bakugo rather than taking control of Shigaraki’s body, as he is furious about the former’s appearance and how similar it is to Kudo.

Similarly, fans may witness the conclusion of these fights soon as My Hero Academia chapter 406 sets up Deku’s last blow against Tomura Shigaraki. This will need to wait and see, though, as a quick action by All For One or Shigaraki could drastically alter the course of events.

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