Valorant Revealed New Dualist: Iso – Everything You Need to Know!

Valorant Revealed New Dualist: Iso – Everything You Need to Know!

Hey guys, what’s up? Did you know? we’ve got some information on Valorant’s upcoming Agent 24, Iso. Wondering who this mysterious new Agent 24, Iso, is all about? Don’t worry; we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know, from his release date to his mind-blowing abilities!


So, Iso is the latest Duelist to join the Valorant crew, hailing all the way from China. Riot, the masterminds behind Valorant, spilled the beans about this stone-cold killer in their Episode 7 teaser.

Character Producer John Goscicki gave us the lowdown, emphasizing Iso’s focus on sharpshooting. He also hinted at a surprising twist that’s sure to delight all you Valorant enthusiasts out there.

Iso’s Abilities:

Now, let’s talk abilities. Iso is not your average Duelist. His moves are tailored for one-on-one battles and pack a punch. He’s got something no other Agent has—a shield ability.

Contingency (C): Picture this: a wall of energy that blocks bullets. Yep, that’s Contingency for you. Iso can create an indestructible shield.

Undercut (Q): Iso can toss a molecular bolt that applies a brief fragile status to anyone it touches. And get this—it can pass through walls!

Double Tap (E): Iso can focus, generating an energy orb with every downed enemy. Shoot this orb, and voila! You get a shield that absorbs one hit from any source.

Kill Contract (X): Iso can summon an interdimensional arena, pulling himself and the first enemy hit into a duel to the death.

Iso’s abilities charge, cost & Ultimate points:

When Can You Play Iso?

Iso is set to hit the Valorant scene on October 31, 2023. That’s right around the corner, so get ready to experience his unique gameplay style firsthand.

Source: @ValorLeaks

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