Valorant Introduces Agent Deadlock: Abilities and Release Date Revealed!

Valorant Introduces Agent Deadlock: Abilities and Release Date Revealed!

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Valorant Introduces Agent Deadlock: Abilities and Release Date Revealed! 2

Riot Games has recently introduced Agent 23, named Deadlock, in their popular game Valorant. Deadlock is the fifth Sentinel character in the game and originates from Norway. Alongside Deadlock’s arrival, Episode 7 brings various new additions, including a battlepass, Team Deathmatch mode, and a Progression System.

Deadlock possesses unique abilities that allow her to deploy advanced nanowires to secure the battlefield effectively. Her playstyle differs from the existing agents in Valorant. Now, let’s dive into a breakdown of Deadlock’s abilities and her release date.

Valorant Agent 23: Deadlock

Deadlock is the latest Sentinel character unveiled by Riot Games. Hailing from Norway, she joins the roster following Chamber, Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage. Alexander Mistakidis, the Game Designer, stated that Deadlock was designed for players who prefer an active defensive playstyle, allowing them to adapt and strategize based on opponent information.

Valorant Deadlock: Abilities

As a Sentinel, Deadlock’s abilities excel at holding sites during defense or retaking control. She can detect enemy flanks or sneaky plays, similar to other Sentinels. In the gameplay reveal video, she showcases the ability to prevent enemies from taking control of specific areas on a site. Here are Deadlock’s abilities:

GravNet (C):

Equips a GravNet grenade that forces enemies caught within its blast radius to crouch and move slowly.

Sonic Sensor (Q):

Deploys a Sonic Sensor that detects enemy sounds and concusses the area if footsteps, weapon fire, or significant noise is detected.

Barrier Mesh (E):

Throws a Barrier Mesh disc that generates barriers, blocking character movement upon landing.

Annihilation (X):

Unleashes a pulse of nanowires using the Nanowire Accelerator, capturing the first enemy contacted and cocooning them. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and will perish if they reach the end, unless they are freed. The nanowire cocoon can be destroyed.

Valorant Deadlock: Release Date

Deadlock will be available for gameplay starting from June 27, 2023, with the release of Episode 7 Act 1. She was officially revealed on June 24 through a gameplay reveal video. To unlock Deadlock, players will need to complete her Agent Contract, which is now part of the revamped Progression System. Agent Contracts act as multi-level passes, unlocking agents by earning XP and are automatically activated through free Event Passes. They remain active for 28 days, eliminating the need for manual activation.

And there you have it! Now you know everything about Valorant Agent 23, Deadlock!

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