Valorant 7.06 Patch Update: Everything You Need To Know!

Valorant 7.06 Patch Update: Everything You Need To Know!

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Valorant 7.06 Patch Update: Everything You Need To Know! 3

The latest Valorant 7.06 patch update is here, and while it’s not the biggest update, it brings some changes to the competitive scene and adds some new voice lines for Sage. Let’s dive into what’s new in this patch.

Valorant patch 7.06 is the sixth update since Episode 7 Act 2 was released. This one’s a bit smaller compared to previous updates. The main focus here is on making the game load accessories like gun buddies and weapon skins faster to reduce loading times. This should help you get into the action more quickly.

Now, onto Sage. She’s getting some fresh voice lines in the game, which means more interaction between her and other Agents. It’s a nice touch to add some depth to the characters.

But wait, there’s more. The devs are keeping a close eye on any suspicious activities, especially when it comes to botting abuse. So, if they catch any accounts trying to game the system, they won’t hesitate to hand out bans.

Now, let’s take a look at the full Valorant update 7.06 patch notes:

General Updates:

  • They’re making some behind-the-scenes changes to how accessories load, like gun buddies and weapon skins. This should speed up your load times. These changes will roll out mid-patch.

Agent Updates – Sage:

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Valorant 7.06 Patch Update: Everything You Need To Know! 4
  • Sage gets updated voice lines and new interaction lines with more Agents.

Competitive Updates:

  • They’re cracking down on competitive rank boosting, both with bots and real players. Ascendant players and higher can now only invite players with Platinum rank and above to their competitive party.
  • The devs will continue to keep an eye on botting abuse and hand out bans to suspicious accounts.

Gameplay Systems Updates:

  • Some back-end updates have been made for Combat Reports to make sure all the correct information shows up. If you notice any weird behavior, especially after death or at the start of a round, let them know.

Bug Fixes – Gameplay Systems:

  • Fixed a rare bug where you’d unintentionally reveal yourself in places you shouldn’t be seen after buying a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spike plant and defuse UI bar didn’t show up for minimal HUD observers.
  • Fixed a bug where vision cones flickered at the start of a round on Sunset.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about the Valorant 7.06 patch. Enjoy the smoother gameplay and Sage’s new voice lines, and remember, play fair or face the ban hammer!

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