Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023]

Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023]

Hey there! If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan and looking for similar anime with thrilling premises and vibes, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive right into it!

Attack on Titan falls under several categories, including horror, action, and Kaiju. It’s known for its unexpected deaths that keep us on the edge of our seats. Now, the question is, are there any other anime out there that fit these criteria and are as good as, or even better than, Attack on Titan? Let’s find out!

Updated as of April 7, 2023, by yours truly, Mark Sammut: As we bid farewell to Attack on Titan with its final special episode airing later this year, we can’t help but feel a mix of emotions. It’s been quite a journey, and we’ll definitely miss the show. But fret not! While we eagerly await the finale, I’ve compiled a list of fantastic anime that are similar to Attack on Titan. So, let’s get started!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 11

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a modern classic that stands alongside Attack on Titan as a gateway anime. It has gained such high praise that it can be recommended to any anime fan, whether they’re new to the medium or have been watching for years.

But what makes FMA:B and AoT similar goes beyond their popularity. Both series delve into themes of human experimentation, obsession, and grief. They also tackle complex political landscapes and touch upon philosophical ideas. And let’s not forget the incredible characters, action-packed scenes, immersive world-building, and stunning animation that are present in both anime.

In short, if you’re a fan of Attack on Titan and want more top-notch storytelling and visual excellence, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood should be next on your watchlist. Trust me, it won’t disappoint!

The Promised Neverland

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 12

The Promised Neverland had a bit of a letdown in its second season, making it hard to fully recommend. However, the first part of the anime is absolutely fantastic and can be enjoyed on its own.

The story revolves around an orphanage where two children uncover a dark secret: their friends are being sold as food to demons. This discovery triggers a gripping battle for survival as the children strive to escape before it’s too late.

Similar to Attack on Titan, The Promised Neverland carries a constant sense of impending doom that keeps you on the edge of your seat. So, if you’re looking for an intense and suspenseful anime, the first season of The Promised Neverland is definitely worth checking out.

Darling In The Franxx

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 13

Darling in the Franxx is a mech-based anime set in a future where humanity has taken refuge underground to escape massive monsters. The story revolves around pilots who are bred to fight these creatures.

The interesting twist here is that the mechs require two pilots, adding a romantic element to the series. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of action, and the animation is top-notch, thanks to the involvement of Studio Trigger.

If you’re into mecha anime with a touch of romance and impressive animation, Darling in the Franxx is definitely worth a watch.


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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 14

While Attack on Titan isn’t a full-fledged horror anime, it does incorporate elements of the genre through its motifs, imagery, and tone. Although horror isn’t widely explored in anime, there are a few shows and movies that can give you some chills. One standout is Shiki, considered one of the best horror anime ever, despite its somewhat exaggerated character designs.

Set in a peaceful rural village in Japan, Shiki takes a dark turn when a series of mysterious deaths occur, instilling an unsettling and haunting atmosphere. The residents, reluctant to confront the situation, let fear linger, especially as the deaths appear to be of vampiric nature.

Like Attack on Titan, Shiki delves into the struggles of an isolated community facing supernatural threats beyond their comprehension. It also blurs the line between monsters and humans, raising moral questions and showcasing shades of gray in both sides, much like AoT.

If you’re looking for a horror anime that can keep you on the edge of your seat and make you ponder deeper themes, Shiki is definitely worth checking out.

Black Bullet

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 15

Attack on Titan and Black Bullet have a lot in common. They both portray humanity teetering on the edge of extinction, seeking refuge behind protective walls to shield themselves from immense threats. In Black Bullet, these threats come in the form of insects, and the only ones capable of fighting them are children who were born infected with the Gastrea virus.

While Black Bullet’s anime adaptation may not reach the same level of greatness as Shiden Kanzaki’s original light novel series, it still delivers enjoyable action, likable main characters, and an intriguing world. However, it’s worth noting that the anime merely scratches the surface of the story, leaving much more to be explored in the original source material.

If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan and want to delve into another anime that combines action and a dystopian setting, Black Bullet offers an entertaining experience, even though it only provides a glimpse into the broader narrative.

Future Diary

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 16

Future Diary is a unique addition to the list, straying from the typical action anime. It’s like a Battle Royale, but with cellphones.

In this series, God is nearing his end and seeks a successor. He selects a group of individuals and grants each of them a special power through a gifted cellphone. The ultimate goal? Be the sole survivor to become the next God. With its dark themes and intense visuals, Future Diary is a perfect choice for fans of Attack on Titan.

Seraph Of The End

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 17

Seraph of the End is a cool anime where vampires have taken over the world. But don’t worry, there’s a small group fighting against them. The problem is, most people are treated like cattle for the vampires to feed on. It’s a bit like Attack on Titan, where friendships get strained because the two sides can’t work together.

The only bummer is that there hasn’t been a new season since 2015, and there’s no news of one coming soon. But hey, at least the manga is still going strong!

Vinland Saga

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 18

Vinland Saga is a fantastic historical anime that can give you the same vibes as Attack on Titan. The first season is incredibly strong and leaves a lasting impact.

The setting is the 11th century, and the story revolves around a revenge plot during the war between England and the Danish Vikings. Thorfinn, after witnessing his father’s murder, joins the Viking crew of the person who killed him, Askeladd. He’s determined to seek revenge, and their journey to England becomes a politically-driven adventure that explores the complexities of war.

It’s an intense and gripping anime that showcases the nuances of historical conflicts. If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan and looking for a new series to dive into, Vinland Saga should definitely be on your watchlist.

God Eater

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 19

God Eater, the anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s RPG series, is a treat for action lovers. Ufotable, the studio behind the adaptation, does an amazing job with the action sequences, and there’s a sense of mystery that keeps you engaged.

The story takes place in an alternate future where Earth is overrun by gigantic creatures called Aragami. The members of Fenrir have the important task of using special weapons to fight these monsters and protect humanity.

Now, I have to admit that the narrative of God Eater takes a bit of time to get going, and the characters might not leave a lasting impression. But here’s the saving grace: Ufotable’s animation prowess. They never disappoint when it comes to delivering breathtaking action scenes, and God Eater is no exception.

So, if you’re someone who loves action-packed anime and doesn’t mind waiting a bit for the story to unfold, God Eater is definitely worth checking out. The stunning action sequences alone make it a worthwhile experience.

Death Note

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Top 10 Anime Like Attack on Titan [Updated 2023] 20

Death Note is a total classic, just like Neon Genesis Evangelion. It tells the story of Light Yagami, a regular high school student who’s pretty much a genius in everything he does. But one fateful day, he stumbles upon a mysterious notebook called the Death Note.

Now, this isn’t your ordinary notebook. It has a special power that allows Light to kill anyone just by writing their name in it. Talk about a game-changer!

You might think that a story revolving around a twisted teenager and a police chase with a notebook wouldn’t be action-packed, but trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong. Death Note is a rollercoaster ride of suspense, filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s like an anime version of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, but even more unpredictable.

So, if you’re up for a thrilling cat and mouse game, with a touch of supernatural powers and mind games, Death Note is the perfect choice. It’s an anime that will leave you guessing till the very end.

So, that was out top 10 list of anime like Attack on Titan.! We also suggest going thorough our list of Top 10 New Anime to Watch in Summer 2023.

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