Tokyo Revengers Star Kento Nagayama Arreasted

Tokyo Revengers Star Kento Nagayama Arreasted

Hey, guess what? There’s some big news about the actor Kento Nagayama from the live-action film “Tokyo Revengers.” Apparently, he got himself into some trouble with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. According to NHK, he was arrested for having marijuana in his apartment in Meguro Ward, Tokyo. Can you believe it?

Kento Nagayama Arrested
Tokyo Revengers Star Kento Nagayama Arreasted 2

The police actually raided his place on the night of June 15 and found the marijuana, which led to his arrest the next day, on June 16. Right now, the police are investigating the whole situation, trying to figure out where he got the drugs from and all that jazz.

In case you didn’t know, Kento Nagayama is a Japanese actor who’s been in over 30 films since 2008. He’s got two older brothers, Tatsuya and Eita Nagayama, who are also actors. Quite a family affair, huh?

Anyway, that’s the scoop on Kento Nagayama’s recent arrest. Let’s see how things unfold and what the authorities dig up during their investigation.

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