How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained

How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained

Disclaimer: Following contains the spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236.

How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained
How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained 4

Jujutsu Kaisen has been a big deal in anime and manga for a while now. Its popularity went through the roof after the Gojo vs. Sukuna fight, which ended with Gojo’s death in chapter 236.

Even though Gojo’s unbeatable technique seemed unstoppable, Sukuna somehow got around it. Fans were left wondering how Sukuna managed to defeat Gojo after the showdown in chapter 236.

So How Did Sukuna Kill Gojo?

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen are in shock after the recent events in chapter 236. The much-loved character, Gojo Satoru, met a tragic end in a fierce battle against Sukuna. This intense fight had been highly anticipated and sparked heated discussions among fans.

Fans are eager to know, “How did Gojo die?” The answer lies in the battle between Gojo and Sukuna and the special abilities of Mahoraga. Right from the start of their clash, it was clear that Sukuna had a cunning plan, centered around a powerful card called Mahoraga. With Mahoraga’s unique powers, Sukuna aimed to outmatch Gojo’s seemingly unbeatable Infinity Technique.

How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained - Mahoraga is the key
How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained 5

Mahoraga played a crucial role in Gojo’s demise. It began by manipulating the Cursed Energy around Gojo, specifically targeting his Infinity Technique to render it useless. This manipulation set the stage for a catastrophic clash that ultimately led to Gojo’s death.

The turning point came in chapter 234 when Mahoraga unleashed a potent and versatile slash attack, sealing Gojo’s fate. Unlike Sukuna’s techniques, Mahoraga’s adaptation allowed his slashes to extend beyond Gojo and reach the very essence of space.

How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained - Mahoraga
How did Sukuna Manage to Beat Gojo? Explained 6

This enabled it to cut through not only Gojo but also the fabric of reality itself, making Gojo’s Infinity Technique completely powerless in the face of impending destruction.

In chapter 236, Sukuna looked at Gojo’s lifeless body, the mighty sorcerer, lying in two halves. He made a chilling remark that emphasized how insignificant Infinity was compared to the ability to cut through the entire world. This statement solidified Sukuna’s victory and marked the end of Gojo’s reign as the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

Fans are heartbroken by Gojo’s unexpected and tragic death. However, there’s a lingering question on everyone’s mind: Is there a chance for his revival or preservation? Some speculate that the Reverse Cursed Technique (RCT) might hold the key, as Gojo’s head remains attached to his body.

Mahoraga’s adaptation and manipulation of Cursed Energy proved crucial in Gojo’s demise. Its powerful slashes surpassed Gojo’s defenses, transcending the very fabric of space and rendering his Infinity Technique useless against this unstoppable force.

Despite the hopes of fans, it’s unlikely that Gojo will come back. His situation limits Yami’s ability to cut through dimensions, overcoming any obstacles. While it’s almost certain that Gojo has perished, it might not be the end just yet. There’s a slim chance that he could use the Reverse Curse technique to heal himself and survive.

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