SPY x FAMILY Movie: Teaser Trailer Revealed!

SPY x FAMILY Movie: Teaser Trailer Revealed!

The SPY x FAMILY CODE: White movie has unveiled an exciting teaser trailer today. Scheduled to release on December 22, it follows the second season of the SPY x FAMILY anime, which premieres in October. WIT Studio and CloverWorks are the animation studios behind the movie.

Unlike the manga, the movie features an original storyline. However, author Tatsuya Endo is supervising the story, and a captivating new teaser visual has been revealed. The movie’s talented staff includes Director Katashi Takagiri, who previously served as an assistant director in the first season, Character Designer Kazuaki Shimada, and Chief Animation Director Asano Kyoji.

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SPY x FAMILY Movie: Teaser Trailer Revealed! 2

SPY x FAMILY is a manga created by Tatsuya Endo. The anime’s first season premiered in April, with the first cour airing during the Spring 2022 anime season, followed by the second cour in the fall of the same year. WIT Studio and CloverWorks are handling the animation under the direction of Kazuhiro Furuhashi. Kazuaki Shimada is tasked with the responsibility of handling character designs, while Kyoji Asano joins as a chief animation director in collaboration with Shimada. The music is composed by (K)NoW_NAME. The first season comprised a total of 25 episodes.

Crunchyroll is streaming the SPY x FAMILY anime,

which revolves around the plot of a secret agent named Twilight, who must undertake his most challenging mission yet. He must pose as a family man, infiltrating an elite school to get close to a prominent politician. While his cover seems perfect, his wife is a deadly assassin, and neither of them knows each other’s true identity. However, their adopted daughter, who happens to be a telepath, knows the secret!

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