Oshi No Ko -Interlude- Spoilers Out! Melt Enters the Chat!

Oshi No Ko -Interlude- Spoilers Out! Melt Enters the Chat!

Early sneak peaks into Oshi no Ko -interlude- have surfaced on Twitter all thanks to @xDonutW This time, the chapter will revolve around the character named “Melt” and seems to cover the story of his journey into the world of acting.

As a quick reminder, for those who do not remember Narushima Melt, he first appeared as the lead character in the I’ll Go With Sweet Today adaptation in Chapter 15 of Oshi no Ko manga or Season 1 episode 3 of the Oshi no Ko anime.

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Oshi No Ko -Interlude- Spoilers Out! Melt Enters the Chat! 2

Melt used to be a straightforward and innocent person before participating in the 2.5D Stage Play. In response to a reporter’s question about whether he would try to become famous on social media, he once said, “If I looked good, I might give it a shot.” This statement sparked a lot of discussion.

Similarly, his manager and others advised him to focus on being a visual presence rather than taking on multiple roles. In that situation, he thought to himself, “I’ll just be a decoration.”

Oshi no Ko -interlude- Chapter 2 Leaks

Disclaimer: Following contains the spoilers for unreleased Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 2.

The interlude chapter opens directly with a memory of Melt, where he is in middle of an media interview and answering various questions about his feelings towards his fans and fans in general.

Reporter asks him what he feels about dating a fan, to which Melt replies that he would “as long as they are cute.” and wouldn’t mind if it caused a commotion.

In the next page, the story shifts to the present where Melt looks back on his time as a famous artist. He remembers how his fans played a big and puzzling role in his life.

The chapter continues with a glimpse into his life at home, where he receives a performance clip to rehearse for his on-stage persona. Melt gives it a try but quickly dismisses the clip, stating, “No, I want to be popular with girls, but I’m different. I don’t want to be like this.”

Looking at him watch a band performance clip, President of his agency questions him whether he plans to start a band.

Melt promptly replies that he cannot play instruments but he can take lessons for the same. To which President replies that there are plenty of guys like you who existed. Melt challenges her by telling her “not to underestimate ‘selling the looks’ thing.“, the panel we see the current Melt from 2.5D Stage Drama arc with the speech bubble translating to “Since then”.

On page 5, we switch back to Melt egosurfing and reading the comments as he remembers the words of the President. While reading he tries to understand what kind of person and artist he strives to be. As he reads, he questions himself whether face and beauty is all that is needed in order to succeed in the world of show business and to win people and fans. In the final panel, Melt decides that he will continue to do his best in the years yet to come.

In the final page, we see Melt yet again on stage as people cheer over him, the chapter ends as he, with determination, announces that he will bet his life and continue to prove himself. Like the previous chapter, chapter 2 of Oshi no Ko -interlude- only contains 6 pages.

Where to read Oshi no Ko Manga

While the Oshi no Ko main story is on a month long break due to author’s health, You can read Oshi no Ko -interlude- Chapter 2 officially on the Shueisha MANGA Plus app. This app offers the entire manga series conveniently in one place. Keep in mind that each chapter can only be read once. Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump is the recommended manga magazine to follow.

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