Oshi no Ko chapter 133 spoilers: Everything You Need To Know!

Oshi no Ko chapter 133 spoilers: Everything You Need To Know!

Hey guys, sup? Did you know? Oshi no Ko chapter 133 is scheduled for release on Thursday, November 30, but online spoilers have already been released. During the ’15-Year Lie’ filming, Ruby struggled to accurately portray her mother Ai’s personality. Her confidence takes a hit when the original Nino disapproves of her efforts.


In the previous chapter, the original Nino and Takamine arrive at the film’s shooting location to offer advice to Kana and Akane. During this, Nino reveals her insane personality towards Ai, expressing both love and hate for her. Later, the manga depicts her having a conversation with Hikaru Kamiki.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko – Chapter 133 : Spoilers

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The upcoming chapter of Oshi no Ko will be titled “Acting,” continues the narrative from the previous chapter. Nino made a comparison between Ai’s actual personality and Ruby’s acting in the previous chapter. Nino wasn’t impressed with Ruby’s acting because she couldn’t portray her mother properly. Ruby had been bothered by this since the takes of the movie kept coming back to her after hearing Nino’s words.

When Kana saw this, she became worried for Ruby. Ruby was forced to acknowledge that she had no idea how her mother felt or what kind of person she was. Kana felt that, since she had been cast as Nino herself, she ought to be able to depict Ruby’s feelings in a way that matched Ai’s. But until Ruby went through the same thing, it was going to be hard to understand Ai’s mental health.

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After that, both Ruby and Kana discussing their worries in an office setting. Ruby worries about Kana and their friends because their careers are dependent on the “15-Year Lie” movie’s success. However, Kana is adamant about going into acting after graduating from B-Komachii.

Kana quickly analyzed Ruby’s situations and concluded that she would have difficulty fully capturing Ai’s feelings due to Ruby’s innocent and simple nature. Then she asked Ruby why she was trying so hard. She replied that she was trying her hardest to move past her family’s history and into the future. It wouldn’t have been worth it if she hadn’t performed her job well.

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After considering Ruby’s situations, Kana concluded that although she couldn’t possibly know what Ruby was going through, she could definitely relate to her desire to behave well. But she had an answer for Ruby’s issue that might destroy their relationship. Nevertheless, Kana executed the plan in order to support her friend.

According to spoilers for Oshi no Ko chapter 133, Kana revealed a secret that, she never thought of Ruby as a friend. She chose to leave B-Komachii because Ruby was a much better idol than she was. So, not being able to get to Ruby’s level, Kana’s hatred for Ruby increased to the point where, like Nino, even she occasionally wished that Ruby would just disappear.

Ruby’s highlights to disappear from her eyes as soon as she heard this. That was Ai Hoshino’s feeling, a mixed emotion of loneliness, disappointment, and jealousy. . Kana was therefore willing to risk their friendship, even though Ruby was a close friend.

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