Oshi no Ko Chapter 125 Spoilers: Betrayed Dreams?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 125 Spoilers: Betrayed Dreams?

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 125 Spoilers: Betrayed Dreams?
Miyako and Ichigo meet at the end of chapter 124

The spoilers for Oshi no Ko chapter 125 have been released, unveiling Miyako’s past before she met Ichigo Saitou. During her struggles in the nightlife district, Ichigo offered her a dream, but after Ai’s death, he abandoned it, leaving Miyako to pursue their shared goal alone.

In the previous chapter, Ruby was seen being clingy to Aqua, which puzzled Kana and Mem-Cho. They attributed Ruby’s behavior to her busy schedule. Meanwhile, Miyako was facing challenges adjusting Ruby’s work schedule and hoped that Ichigo could assist her.

Spoilers for Oshi no Ko 125 ahead!

According to the spoilers for Oshi no Ko chapter 125, the upcoming chapter is titled “Dazzle” and will continue from where the previous one left off, with Ichigo unexpectedly encountering Miyako at a bar.

Upon seeing Miyako, Ichigo runs away, as it is the first time they’ve met since he left her after Ai Hoshino’s death. He anticipates her anger for abandoning her with the responsibilities of managing Strawberry Productions and taking care of Aqua and Ruby alone.

As expected, Miyako goes after him to talk. Frustrated by his avoidance, she confronts him and throws a heel at him, lunging when he falls to the ground.

This chapter also delves into Miyako’s backstory before she met Ichigo. She attended university in Tokyo and worked in the nightlife district, undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance her career. However, with time, her success waned. Ichigo then offered her a job backstage at a production company, and they found fulfillment in working together. Eventually, he proposed to her, and they shared a dream of creating a dazzling performance for their artists at the Dome.

Returning to the present, Miyako expresses her disappointment that Ichigo abandoned their dream and ran away. While she still pursues their collective goal, Ichigo’s response remains unknown.

In conclusion, Oshi no Ko chapter 125 spoilers depict Miyako trying to persuade Ichigo to return and run Strawberry Productions with her, but his decision is yet to be revealed in the manga. Fans will eagerly await the next chapter’s release to find out more.

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