Oshi no Ko Becomes the First Anime to Achieve This!

Oshi no Ko Becomes the First Anime to Achieve This!

Aqua and Ruby, characters from the popular manga Oshi no Ko, have been chosen to appear on the cover of SPUR magazine’s August 2023 edition. SPUR is a fashion magazine for women, similar to Elle or Vogue. Aquamarine and Ruby Hoshino, the manga characters, are making their fashion debut in the real world.

HORIE, the editor of SPUR magazine, personally selected Aquamarine and Ruby for the cover. They are dressed in stylish black outfits that match their eye colors and the jewels they are named after. In the announcement, HORIE mentioned that Aqua wears a large aquamarine ring from Tiffany, while Ruby adorns Dior Fine Jewelry earrings and necklaces with a beautiful pink gradient.

The August issue of SPUR will also feature a 6-page article with a conversation between the manga’s creators, Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari.

Oshi no ko makes it to Spur magazine

The Oshi no Ko manga began serialization in 2020 in the Weekly Young Jump magazine. The story delves into the dark side of the entertainment industry and is Aka Akasaka’s second manga after Kaguya-sama: Love is War. The English license for the series is held by Yen Press.

The anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko is currently being simulcasted on HIDIVE with English subtitles and dubbed versions every Wednesday. The plot centers around Dr. Goro, who is reborn as the son of the young actress Ai Hoshino after being murdered by her obsessive stalker. The anime follows his journey to help his new mother achieve success while shedding light on the darker aspects of the entertainment industry.

The anime has gained immense popularity and has consistently topped the charts since its premiere in mid-April 2023. The opening song, “Idol” by YOASOBI, has even reached the number one spot on the Billboard GLOBAL charts.

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