ONE PIECE TV Anime Unveils Exciting Gear 5 Teaser Trailer and Live-Action Updates!

ONE PIECE TV Anime Unveils Exciting Gear 5 Teaser Trailer and Live-Action Updates!

Get ready for an exciting treat, fellow anime fans! The highly anticipated ONE PIECE TV anime has just dropped a thrilling teaser trailer showcasing Luffy in Gear 5, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come in episode 1071 premiering on August 6. The upcoming episode promises to be a big moment for all of us and you can catch the teaser below:

ONE PIECE – Teaser Trailer

But there’s more! We received a new trailer for the Netflix liveaction series ONE PIECE in addition to the TV anime teaser. Even the main performers participated in live voice-overs for a few scenes, which was entertaining. The audience was delighted when Hiro Shimono (the adult Momonosuke) and Megumi Han (Tama-chan) participated in a special Land of Wano Behind the Scenes session.

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ONE PIECE TV Anime Unveils Exciting Gear 5 Teaser Trailer and Live-Action Updates! 2

Eiichiro Oda’s ONE PIECE manga journey began back in July 1997, and the legendary series recently surpassed a staggering 500 million circulating copies in August of this year. It also celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. As for the anime adaptation, it set sail in October 1999 and continues to capture hearts worldwide. The manga is currently at an impressive 1087 chapters, while the anime boasts 1069 episodes and still going strong.

Official ONE PIECE – Twitter

With the latest film “ONE PIECE FILM RED” is breaking records in Japan. The ONE PIECE universe has expanded into the big screen and It became the highest grossing movie of 2022 in terms of both audience and revenue size with over ¥2.25 billion in earnings ($15 million) and 1.57 million viewers in the first weekend. The movie success confirms that it is the best performing movie in the history of the ONE PIECE franchise.

VIZ Media holds the English license for the manga, and Crunchyroll is the go-to platform for streaming the anime. For those not familiar with the epic tale, ONE PIECE follows the story:

Monkey D. Luffy on his relentless quest to become the king of all pirates. With the treacherous Grand Line and countless adventures ahead, Luffy won’t rest until he claims the legendary treasure known as the One Piece!

Prepare for an amazing journey with ONE PIECE, the anime that has won over fans all over the world with its iconic characters and dramatic plot. As we go further into the world of pirates and treasure, stay tuned for more action-packed episodes and fascinating adventures! Keep a watch out for episode 1071 much awaited debut, and let the fun begin!

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