One Piece Episode 1073 Preview and Release Date

One Piece Episode 1073 Preview and Release Date

The upcoming release of ONE PIECE episode 1073 is set to release for next Sunday, and in the preview video, Luffy continues to unleash his new Gear 5 form, while the other characters struggle to escape the raging inferno below. You can view the preview video with English subtitles below, and it will also be accessible on Crunchyroll following the conclusion of episode 1072.

One Piece 1072 Preview

The sneak peek for ONE PIECE episode 1073 discloses the episode’s title as “No Way Out! A Harrowing Scene on Onigashima.” The intense battle between Luffy and Kaido persists, with Luffy displaying a range of serious expressions. Notably, the anime has recently showcased impressive episodes concluding the fights of both Sanji and Zoro, ensuring that Luffy remains equally captivating.

Mark your calendars for the release of ONE PIECE Episode 1073 and Chapter 1090: The anime’s Episode 1073 is scheduled for release on the upcoming Sunday, August 20. Meanwhile, the release of Chapter 1090 for the ONE PIECE manga will coincide on the same day. To catch the anime, tune in to Crunchyroll, and for the latest manga chapter, you can freely read it on either the VIZ website or the MANGA Plus website.

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