One Piece Episode 1071 Luffy’s Devil Fruit and Gear 5: Everything You Need to Know About!

One Piece Episode 1071 Luffy’s Devil Fruit and Gear 5: Everything You Need to Know About!

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from episodes 1071 and Gear 5. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, first go and watch it.

Hey guys wassup? Have you watched the latest One Piece episode 1071? The episode was mind-blowing because episode 1071 revealed a shocking truth about Monkey D. Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers. The Gorosei revealed that Luffy’s real Devil Fruit is the Mythical Zoan Human-Human Fruit, Model: Nika. But, to hide its significance, it was renamed the Gum-Gum Fruit.

This revelation has got the whole fanbase buzzing with questions and debates. People are curious to know more about Luffy’s newfound abilities after Awakening his true powers. The anime fans can’t wait any longer, so they are turning to the manga for information beyond episode 1071.

The Gorosei’s speech in the episode highlights two essential points.

  • The World Government had been after this Fruit for a whopping 800 years
  • Zoan Fruits have a “will of their own.”

Now that we know Luffy’s Fruit is a Zoan-type, it might mean it has a will too.

Luffy’s Fruit grants him amazing abilities. Before Awakening, his body was limited, but after gear 5, he’s become a “Warrior of Liberation,” embodying freedom and strength. His Awakening abilities are fascinating too, combining Zoan-type transformations with Paramecia-type environmental alterations. For example, he can turn the ground into rubber and even manipulate living things like flesh as if they were made of rubber.

The Fruit’s name, “Nika,” is inspired by the Sun God Nika, who was believed to be a liberator in ancient times. The ability to instantly change Luffy’s body size, build, and strength is truly remarkable.

So, that’s all you need to know about One Piece Episode 1071 and Luffy’s Human-Human Fruit, Gear 5.

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