One Piece Chapter 1090 Spoilers: Island Clash and Surprising Alliances!

One Piece Chapter 1090 Spoilers: Island Clash and Surprising Alliances!

The much anticipated One Piece chapter 1090 spoilers were leaked on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, offering an exciting glimpse into the upcoming events in the world of One Piece while the manga stays on an Obon holiday break week. This early information is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise to the fans who are impatiently waiting for the official release of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece 1090.

Disclaimer: Article contains spoilers for the unreleased One Piece chapter 1090.

According to the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1090, the fight begins on Egghead Island, though not in the anticipated confrontations fans were waiting for. The chapter concludes with a notable development as Luffy uses his Observation Haki to detect a strong presence on the island, hinting at the involvement of someone else than the parties already present at the scene.

Yet another Boa Hancock! – One Piece 1090 Spoilers

The chapter opens with Admiral Kizaru reaching Egghead Island using his Sacred Yata Mirror, a Glint-Glint Fruit technique. Subsequently, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn goes into a conversation with Luffy through a Den Den Mushi, during which Luffy asserts his ambition to become the Pirate King in his usual manner. Later on, it is revealed that Big News Morgans is secretly listening through their conversation.

The scene then returns to Kizaru’s encounter with Sentomaru on Egghead Island. Sentomaru effectively parries Kizaru’s lightsabers. Leaked details suggest that the Straw Hat crew intends to escape to Elbaf using “Vegapunk’s machines.” The details of this move by the Straw Hats remain unclear based on the provided spoilers; however, it likely a machine that facilitates either enhanced ship speed or alternative transportation.

The One Piece Chapter 1090 spoilers then proceed to tell us that Vegapunk York has implemented a password on the island to prevent escape. Presumably, this situation leaves Admiral Kizaru stranded on Egghead Island, assuming the accuracy of the term “island.” The spoilers go on to disclose that the Seraphim are held captive within giant bubble balls.

The focus of the manga then shifts to the S-Snake Seraphim, revealing her love for Luffy similar to the real Boa Hancock. This revelation further underscores the profound impact of the personalities of their prototypes on the actions and behaviors of the Seraphim. Following S-Snake’s infatuation with Luffy, she apparently revives Franky from his petrified state, presumably at Luffy’s request.

One Piece Chapter 1090 Spoilers Island Clash and Surprising Alliances! - Kizaru vs Straw Hats?
One Piece Chapter 1090 Spoilers: Island Clash and Surprising Alliances! 2

Concluding the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1090 is Luffy recognizes, through his Observation Haki, Kizaru’s presence on the island. He says “a strong person has arrived”, suggesting uncertainty about the identity of this newcomer, possibly Kizaru. The spoilers also hint at the likelihood of another hiatus following the official release of this chapter.

More One Piece Leaks (Updated 11/08/2023)

In addition to the previous leak, some additional information was leaked for the One Piece Chapter 1090. According to the most recent leaks, we see Lucci talking to himself, upon being inquired by Kaku, Lucci responds that he was talking to himself, while in reality, he sent information to Kizaru regarding what happened inside the Dome.

Saturn then asks Kizaru if he can use his light speed to get inside the Dome, to which Kizaru agrees but mentions that the man who protects the dome is his friend Sentomaru. Kizaru then goes on to mention that if Saturn attacks Sentomaru, then Sentomaru will order all the ships, sea beasts, Seraphim and the Pacifista to destroy the ship. Saturn mentions that they need to protect three things: Punk’s records, York, power plant and the Mother Flame.

Leaks also mention the following events in the chapter:

  • Death of Shaka and Pythagoras while Edison and Atlas are alive and that Seraphim’s damage is very minor.
  • Robin and Kaku are injured and Kaku is lying on his back. Lucci tells Kaku to rest while Chopper treats Robin.
  • Lucci was staring at Stussy and when she notices him, she tells him that he should stop.
  • Luffy talks to Gorosei to negotiate, Luffy tells them to leave with all the ships if they want York to live. In their negotiation, Gorosei asks for some information which Luffy gives away truthfully. Robin and Usopp get mad at Luffy for giving away crucial information while Luffy thinks that the negotiation was a success.

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