One Piece 1091 Spoilers: Luffy vs Kizaru Begins, Zoro battles Lucci!

One Piece 1091 Spoilers: Luffy vs Kizaru Begins, Zoro battles Lucci!

The ongoing spoiler cycle for One Piece chapter 1091 has brought a lot of exciting new information regarding the forthcoming installment. These spoilers, unveiled by reputable leakers like Pewpiece and ONEPIECESPOILE1, shed light on various intriguing aspects of the upcoming chapter. Notably, the spoilers confirm that the upcoming chapter will mark the beginning of Luffy’s fight with Kizaru.

One Piece 1091 Spoilers: Luffy vs Kizaru Begins, Zoro battles Lucci! - Weekly Shonen Jump Cover
This week’s Shonen Jump cover featuring Luffy

These spoilers also tell us that the title of One Piece chapter 1091 is “Sentomaru.” and a clash between Sentomaru, alongside his Mark III Pacifistas, and Kizaru will take place. This battle concludes in Sentomaru and his forces being overcome by the might of the Admiral. Meanwhile, in the same chapter, Zoro engages in combat with Ron Lucci, effectively preventing Lucci’s attempt to eliminate Vegapunk.

These revelations in One Piece chapter 1091 Spoilers has begun discussion in the One Piece fandom, as they wait for the official release to witness the battles between Luffy and Kizaru, and Zoro and Lucci.

However, it’s worth noting that the confrontation between Luffy and Kizaru will only be depicted in a singular panel of chapter 1091. This specific illustration captures Luffy’s kick being blocked by Admiral Kizaru. Additional details from these spoilers suggest that Luffy does not transform into Gear 5 form within this chapter. This implies that the fight between Luffy and Kizaru may escalate into a big battle.

Also in the One Piece chapter 1091, Lucci attempts to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk, but the attempt is stopped by Zoro’s intervention, leading to a confrontation between him and Lucci. It’s worth noting that, as indicated by the spoilers, Rob Lucci does not appear to be in his awakened state during this fight, indicating a brief coverage of their clash within the upcoming chapter. Hence, while chapter 1091 will mark the debut of Luffy vs. Kizaru and Zoro vs. Lucci, these encounters won’t be the central focus of the chapter.

Instead, the chapter seems to emphasize the battle between Kizaru and Sentomaru; thus, the title. The spoilers have already confirmed Sentomaru’s defeat at the hands of Kizaru, yet fans remain intrigued by to see the fight take place and the revelations it may have.

Notably, Kizaru and Sentomaru once shared a close bond with Kizaru. This history adds an exciting layer to their fight. However, many fans speculate that Kizaru might exercise restraint against Sentomaru, employing minimal force to subdue him before facing off against Luffy.

In a further twist, the spoilers divulge that characters such as Franky, Bonney, and Lilith will venture forth to safeguard the Thousand Sunny and VegaForce-01 in One Piece chapter 1091. As a final spoiler, a color spread depicting the Straw Hat crew enjoying pizza has been unveiled.

Updated 30/08/2023:

Summary of Chapter 1091 By Redon, compiled by OP_SPOILERS2023:

  • Chapter starts with Pacifistas and Vegapunk’s “Sea Beast Weapon” attacking Marines. “Sea Beast Weapon” sink some Marine battleships.
  • Two Vice Admirals battle with them. Doll kicks one Pacifista in its face. The Vice Admiral with multiple chins uses a mechanical arm (like Zephyr in Film Z) to punch one of the “Sea Beast Weapon”.
  • Cut to Kizaru Vs. Sentoumaru. Kizaru kicks Sentoumaru, his entire body flies away because of the attack.
    Kizaru: “Why are you siding with a pirate, Sentoumaru-kun?”
    Sentoumaru: “I will join with anyone to save Uncle Punk!!”
  • Sentoumaru’s flashback starts, we can see Kizaru, Vegapunk and Sentoumaru first meeting. It’s the same story that Oda explained in One Piece Volume 106 SBS. I will add that SBS question at the end of this summary for people that didn’t read it.
  • Kizaru was the one who accompany Vegapunk to help the villagers from bears and they met Sentoumaru there. Vegapunk hired Sentoumaru as his bodyguard and Sentoumaru asked Kizaru to teach him how to fight to become a good bodyguard.
  • Back to the present. Kizaru uses “Yasakani no Magatama” to attack Sentoumaru. After that, Sentoumaru uses “Ashigara Dokkoi❞ to attack Kizaru but Kizaru stops it without using his Logia fruit’s power.
  • Kizaru: “I thought you as good as I can, but my guard won’t lose to yours!!”
    After that Sentoumaru is defeated by Kizaru’s beam. Then Kizaru uses the “command chip” to command Pacifistas and make them fight Vegapunk’s “Sea Beast Weapon”.
  • Kizaru: “I just fulfill my mission, Sentoumaru-kun…
    I wished I could have saved you along with York, “Punk Records” and “Power Plant”…”
    We can see a close up of Kizaru’s face, he looks quite a bit more serious and angry than usual.
  • Cut to outside of the “Labo Phase”, we can see that “Vegaforce-01” is carrying the Sunny to the other side of the island. At the same time, Kizaru flies through the barrier.
  • Inside the “Labo Phase”, Lucci attacks Vegapunk but Stussy uses her body to protect him. Sanji takes the bubble gun from Nami and traps Kaku inside a bubble ball. Then Zoro attacks Lucci, both of them go through wall and flies outside the lab.
  • In the last page, we see that Kizaru is about to follow “Vegaforce-01” but Luffy appears and kicks Kizaru.
    Luffy: “Kizaru!! We are 100 times stronger than 2 years ago!!!”
    End of chapter, break next week.
  • *One Piece Volume 106 SBS question about Sentoumaru past, thanks to EtenBoby.
    “Oda: Marines received a report saying that wild bears are attacking human villages on a certain island, and Vegapunk accompanied them to set up a system to fight bears. When the Marines were investigating the dangerous mountain, they came across a boy who defeated all the bears with sumo and reign as the boss of the mountain. And that boy was Sentoumaru. He was a boy who was abandoned by villagers due to his violent behaviors when he was younger. Intrigued by the strength of that boy who didn’t return to the village and is always hungry, Vegapunk hired him as his bodyguard.

The raw scans can be found on the OPSCANS.

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