My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: Bakugou Is Descendant of The Second User?! AFO’s Final Move?

My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: Bakugou Is Descendant of The Second User?! AFO’s Final Move?

My Hero Academia continues being strong as the backstory of AFO and the origin of quirks were revealed to us in the previous chapter. The manga was on break for the last week but now it is finally back. While the official release of MHA 408 is scheduled to be on Monday, December 4, 2023, at 12 am JST, spoilers for the upcoming chapter have surfaced. The story continues to explore the origin of quirk, especially One For All and how the quirk has the ability to pass through several holders.

My Hero Academia 408 Spoilers:

The leaks for brand new chapter of My Hero Academia, revealed to be titled “Eyes Full of Determination“, are here, giving us exciting information about origins of One For All and reveal of the third holder of OFA.

The chapter starts with AFO killing Yoichi in a sewer. Yoichi’s body falls apart, leaving only one hand behind. It is revealed that AFO named him Yoichi because his brother was the first thing he received in this world.

The second page focuses on AFO and Kudou’s eyes. Kudou is emotional and his eyes start to fill with tears, reflecting the man who killed Yoichi. In contrast, AFO’s eyes are entirely white, without any reflection.

It is also mentioned in the narration that Yoichi was killed two months after escaping with Kudou and the 3rd user. Some time passes, and All For One is in an apartment in a building, looking at Yoichi’s hand, akin to Shigaraki. He mentions that the quirk he gave his brother is no longer in his body, something that has never happened before.

He thinks about what could have happened and realizes that the quirk may have been passed on to someone else. Meanwhile, the 3rd user, whose name is revealed to be Bruce, is examining Kudou’s body. Bruce asks if Kudou was touched by AFO during the battle, but Kudou tells him to reveal the results. There are now two quirk factors inside Kudou, the gearshift one, and a very small, almost insignificant one.

The next page shows two different “versions” of Yoichi. One says, “I couldn’t stop my brother. He only sees people as toys,” and the other says, “My brother kept me alive. If only he cared more about other people…” Kudou and AFO come to similar conclusions. Kudou says, “Yoichi’s will now lives within me,” while All For One says, “that means he still exists.”

On next pages, we are shown next few decades of AFO’s life. He kills Kudou and Bruce, starts a cult, meets the doctor, tries to steal One For All from Banjo, cuts En in half, kills Nana, and has his face destroyed by All Might.

After AFO was defeated by All Might, the doctor stole his body from the morgue. The scene shifts back to present and AFO wonders if Bakugou is Kudou’s descendant, but mentions that it should be impossible as he killed Kudou’s family and all the women and children who were close to Kudou.

Back at the battlefield AFO vs Bakugou:

My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers Bakugou Is Descendant of The Second User! AFO's Final Move
My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: Bakugou Is Descendant of The Second User?! AFO's Final Move? 2

AFO eventually understands that Bakugou isn’t Kudou’s descendant; rather, it’s the determination-filled eyes of Katsuki Bakugou. These eyes, shining with a resolve to defeat AFO, bear a resemblance to the shine seen in Kudou’s eyes.

All For One is using Eri’s quirk to rewind time to continue fighting, thus he realises that he cannot drag the fight any longer and needs to finish Bakugou and reach Shigaraki before his body turns too young to fight.

In the next page, we see Yoichi’s Vestige quirk senses that something is coming, Edgeshot realises that it is AFO attempt to use all his energy to propel himself forward, All Might also notices that releasing all his quirks will cause AFO to turn into a baby, hence, it appears that this move is AFO’s final gamble.

Next, we see a shot of AFO using all his quirks at once, terming it “Release Every Quirk Factor: All for One Goal.

Bakugou looks at the monstrous release of powers and new form of AFO and says, “Are you stupid? There’s no way this dumb thing will win”. With that, the chapter comes to an end.

You can read MHA Chapter 408 when it comes out on Monday, December 4, 2023, at 12 am JST for free on Viz Media official website!

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