My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers: Bakugo Saves All Might!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers: Bakugo Saves All Might!!

Hey guys, What’s up? Did you know? My Hero Academia fans Chapter 404 is due to release on October 23, 2023, but the spoilers are already out, and they’re mind-blowing!

In the last chapter, things were looking grim for All Might after All For One paralyzed him using Bloodcurdle.

But our explosive hero Bakugo made a heroic comeback!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia chapter 404 spoilers:

In the upcoming chapter titled “We love you! All Might!!,”

the story starts with a flashback of Sir Nighteye’s vision of All Might’s tragic fate. All For One had All Might in his grip, and the whole world was watching, fearing the worst. People from all walks of life, from a farmer giving up hope to a young boy pleading for All Might’s survival, were emotionally invested in the outcome.

Meanwhile, Meryl, the weather reporter, noticed strange air currents while discussing the butterfly effect online. Back on the battlefield, Bakugo and Deku teamed up in a spectacular move reminiscent of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Despite warnings, Deku used his Quirk to propel Bakugo towards All For One and All Might.

But the villainous Shigaraki was confident that Bakugo wouldn’t make it in time. He believed All Might’s demise would mark the return of the harsh reality. Just then, something incredible happened. The wind picked up, growing stronger with every prayer and cheer for All Might’s survival. It was as if the collective hope of the people was changing fate itself, just like the butterfly effect.

In a powerful moment, Bakugo, fueled by his guilt for All Might’s predicament, exploded All For One’s arms and rescued All Might.All Might with surprise and gratitude, but Bakugo was resolute—they were going to win this battle.

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