My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers: The End of An Era.

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers: The End of An Era.

Chapter 403 of My Hero Academia is coming out this week, and it’s a big deal because it concludes the fight between All Might and All For One. In the last chapter, the fight seemed almost over, but there are still some loose ends to tie up, especially regarding All Might’s final attack.

Gladly, the spoilers for MHA 403 have surfaced before the official release. Fans who want a sneak peek can continue reading to see what’s coming!

Disclaimer: Following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 403!

My Hero Academia 403 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers: The End of An Era.
My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers: The End of An Era. 2

With disclaimers out of the way, let’s get into the spoilers! As revealed by the spoilers of Chapter 403, the title of this chapter is going to be “The end of an era”.

The chapter opens up with young All Might reading a comic with his mother, thinking about his ordinary childhood. It wasn’t a big “beginning” story, but he always knew the path he picked was important.

Jumping to the present, All For One is laughing, saying All Might won’t get to pick how he ends. He broke the gauntlet with the spikes before it blew up and used Stain’s power to freeze All Might. All For One knows injured heroes can be dangerous, so he stayed alert.

Now that U.A. is floating, Gentle wants to help All Might, but All For One shoots a laser, making Gentle stay put, holding the school up. Pilots also try to help with their jets, saying they won’t let Star’s hero die, but All For One quickly destroys them.

Agpar feels really sad. Deku and Tsukauchi start to panic when All For One holds All Might. The next page shows people around the world watching the battle: some cheer for All Might, but many have given up.

Melissa and Gran Torino (watching from the hospital) are crying. All Might looks desperate. Deku doesn’t know what to do. Tsukauchi starts to pray. Someone, please help All Might. Anyone…

Deku looks at U.A and sees Bakugou!!!!!!!!! He’s covered in blood, but standing and holding All Might’s card. Deku starts to cry and the two of them look at each other. Chapter 303: The End of An Era and The Beginning!!!!!!!

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