My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Spoilers: Is This The End for All Might?

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Spoilers: Is This The End for All Might?

The new My Hero Academia chapter 402 is coming out on Monday, October 2, 2023. Some sneak peeks of the chapter have been leaked. Fans were worried that All For One was getting too close to Shigaraki. But things didn’t go as smoothly for AFO as he hoped. The former Number 1 Hero gave it his all to try and stop All For One.

In the last chapter, Stain and All Might teamed up to take down All For One. But All Might was really worn out. He realized his body was struggling to keep him going. Still, he shouted at AFO to keep fighting. Sadly, AFO got close enough to Shigaraki to use his Gloop Warp power.

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Spoilers Is This The End for All Might
My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Spoilers: Is This The End for All Might? 2

Now, let’s get into the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 402: “The Tearful Day.”

The chapter starts with the police confirming that Shoto and Ochako managed to defeat Dabi and Toga. We also catch a glimpse of Momo, who seems to be fighting the Twices with a spear and machine guns.

Mei Hatsume confirms that with the Twices gone, the U.A. island is lighter and can float again. Meanwhile, Deku is keeping Tomura Shigaraki away from U.A. by fighting him up close. Unfortunately, AFO is now close enough to Shigaraki to use his Gloop Warp.

All Might tries to distract AFO by taunting him, but the villain is determined to take over Shigaraki’s body first.

AFO tries to teleport Shigaraki to him. But Shigaraki refuses. He keeps his mouth shut and keeps fighting Deku when he realizes AFO is using his power.

Seeing that Shigaraki’s mind is too strong, AFO changes his plan. He decides to fly to Deku and Shigaraki, taking All Might with him. Shigaraki teases Deku, saying he needs to save All Might. But if Deku goes after him, Shigaraki plans to attack everyone at U.A. This thought leaves Deku breathless.

Deku tries hard not to cry. He sees that All Might’s presence is fading away and knows the end is near. He can’t hold back his tears and calls out to All Might.

The chapter also shows a flashback of All Might and Izuku Midoriya. All Might remembers the moment when Deku asked if he could be a hero without a power.

All Might reassures him, saying, “Of course you can. You always give your best and never give up on your dream. I can’t give up on mine either… my dream of being the symbol of peace…”

Then, All Might grabs AFO’s neck with his gauntlet-covered arm. This brings back memories for AFO of Nana Shimura’s final moments.

AFO is puzzled about why he’s remembering Nana. Then he recalls what she said to him:

“All For One, All Might is going to defeat you… because Toshinori is crazier than you.”

Back in the present, All Might taunts AFO, suggesting that if he dies, he’ll go back to being a little kid. Suddenly, All Might’s gauntlet explodes, indicating he’s sacrificed himself to weaken All For One.

In conclusion, the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 402 suggest this might be the end for All Might. He may have given his life to take down AFO. Now, it looks like Deku might have to face a younger version of the villain and Shigaraki all by himself. Some fans are even speculating that Katsuki Bakugo might make a return to help Deku in the final battle against the two villains.

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