Hero Killer Stain Arrives on the Battlefield! – My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers

Hero Killer Stain Arrives on the Battlefield! – My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers

Chapter 400 of My Hero Academia was meant to conclude the battle between All Might and All For One. However, today’s spoilers revealed that another character joins the fight, prolonging the clash. Additionally, the reason behind Hagakure suddenly becoming visible is explained.

In the previous chapter, All Might skillfully dodged AFO’s deadly attacks until Hercules landed a powerful laser hit on the villain. At the Parking Lot, Kuneida managed to take down every hero except Aoyama, who fired a final laser from his navel. Hagakure then emerged and redirected the attack, defeating Kuneida.

Disclaimer: Following article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 400!

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Hero Killer Stain Arrives on the Battlefield! - My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers 3

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers! Stain arrives on the battlefield to assist All Might!

According to the spoilers for Chapter 400, it is titled “The World.”

The chapter starts at the parking lot where Kuneida is knocked out. Both Aoyama and Hagakure notice Hagakure is now visible, and she’s in her Hero Costume, completely unclothed. In a rush, Hagakure hides behind some plants and recalls that her face became visible when she confronted Aoyama about his betrayal.

She figures out that her Quirk acts up when she’s highly excited, and the intensity of the battlefield might have triggered a complete malfunction. She’s also concerned about Aoyama since he used his Naval Laser to this extent. However, he asks her to concentrate on eliminating the roots of the plants growing from people’s bodies by reflecting his laser.

Despite Kuneida being unconscious, it doesn’t guarantee the deactivation of his Quirk. Aoyama pledges to give it his all, acknowledging that today might be his last day as a U.A. student, as it’s clear from the raw scans that he’s barely holding on. Chapter 400 then shifts to the battle between AFO and All Might. The idea to use a massive laser was inspired by Star and Stripe’s fight against Shigaraki.

It’s revealed that while AFO tried to evade it, All Might used a replica of Earphone Jack to keep him in place while using Tentacole and his thrusters to escape the blast area. He then shielded himself using Invisible Girl’s reflective shields and mitigated the damage from AFO’s previous attack with Tailman.

However, All Might’s lower body is severely injured, and he remarks that AFO didn’t aim for his face because he wanted to witness his nemesis in pain. AFO, on the other hand, struggles to free himself but is held in place by “Armor Morphing: Creati” and “Grape Juice.” All Might’s armor is nearly destroyed, but the former hero continues to laugh.

Chapter 400 then shifts to a distant land, where a child watches the battle live. Despite not knowing the hero or having any ties to Japan, the child starts to cheer for All Might. Back on the battlefield, Hercules finally erupts, ending the laser and releasing AFO, who has now regressed even further.

AFO now resembles a child with light emanating from his body, much like how the first person to develop Quirks has always been portrayed. Something resembling an arm starts emerging from the child AFO’s back when his body suddenly freezes, and Stain appears on a glider. He licks AFO’s blood from the debris while cheering on All Might and remarking that “Everyone’s blood is equally red.”

The chapter comes to a thrilling end and fans will need to wait for the next week (no break) to witness how the battle shifts with Stain’s introduction.

All Might is in a Pinch but suddenly an unlikely ally appears! Find out everything about the new My Hero Academia Chapter 400!
Hero Killer Stain Arrives on the Battlefield! - My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers 4

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