My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Spoilers: Almight’s Last Stand!

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Spoilers: Almight’s Last Stand!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Spoilers: Almight's Last Stand! 3

Note: This article contains spoilers form My Hero Academia Chapter 397

Hey guys what’s up? Did you know the chapter 397 of My Hero Academia is eagerly awaited because it follows the Obon break. However, the recently released spoilers identify the chapter as a stand-in for the current All Might vs. AFO fight.

On Monday, August 20, at 12 AM JST, Weekly Shonen Jump issue 38 will release the chapter’s official translation.

In the previous chapter, All Might used his automobile, Hercules, to take on All for One head-on. Around him, the automobile created an armor that was able to counter and negate the strikes of the AFO. All Might finally has a chance to defeat AFO thanks to the armor.

Chapter 397 of My Hero Academia is titled “Picking Up the Trash,” according to spoilers.

My Hero Academia: “Picking Up the Trash” Chapter 397 Spoilers

Page: 01 –

English Translation:

Page: 02 –

English Translation:

Page: 03 –

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Page: 04 –

English Translation:

Page: 05 –

English Translation:

Page: 06 –

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Page: 07 –

English Translation:

Credit: Thanks to @DabisPoleDance For MHA Spoilers and @RukasuMHA For English translation.


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Horikoshi MHA Artist

Despite the Obon break, My Hero Academia chapter 397 is just 7 pages long. Fans are concerned about Horikoshi’s health, given his past illnesses. With Black Clover moving to Jump Giga, discussions are ongoing about whether making My Hero Academia a monthly series could provide the mangaka with much-needed rest.

Source: Leaker ( @DabisPoleDance )

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