Is Garp Dead? Let’s Discuss.

Is Garp Dead? Let’s Discuss.

Chapters 1087 and 1088 brought both excitement and gruesome scenes. Vice Admiral Garp’s rescue mission may have led to his demise at the hands of the notorious Blackbeard Pirates.

What happens next remains unknown, and we can only hope for Garp’s survival. His death would have significant implications for the world he devoted his life to protect. Let’s examine the events leading up to this situation.

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Is Garp Dead? Let's Discuss. 2

Garp’s “Death”

Towards the start of Chapter 1088, titled “The Final Lesson,” Garp asks a thought-provoking question to young Marines about choosing between an old man and a baby on a boat. Koby’s unconventional answer impresses Garp, emphasizing the potential of the youth.

Later in the chapter, Garp is gravely injured while defending the Marines from the Blackbeard Pirates’ tactics. He leaves the final blow to Koby and others, symbolizing the transition from the old generation to the new.

Is Garp Really Dead? Let’s Speculate.

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The uncertainty of Garp’s fate raises questions. While some believe he’s still alive due to his importance, others cite Oda’s history of character resurrections. Perhaps Garp’s apparent death is a ruse orchestrated by Kuzan, sparing him from heavy responsibilities.

However, accepting the possibility of Garp’s death, some speculate that he remains crucial to Blackbeard and the Navy, leading to a grander plan to save him. Potential saviors could include fellow marines like Sengoku, Tsuru, or even Kong.

An intriguing twist would be Dragon rescuing Garp, considering their relationship. Such an event could spark revenge against the Blackbeard Pirates, with Dragon being driven by his fatherly bond.

Garp’s death would be a significant loss to the Marines, impacting the world’s perception of them and elevating the Blackbeard Pirates’ reputation. The world already faces instability after the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom, and Garp’s death could further fuel chaos among young pirates.

If Garp were to perish, Luffy’s reaction would be profound, shaken by the loss of another family member after Ace. He might fiercely confront the Blackbeard Pirates, supported by his crew, despite any reservations.

This war between two new Yonkos could become an opportunity for the World Government to intervene, aiming to eliminate both factions as they did in Wano. Garp’s death could destabilize the World Government, initiating a chain reaction with far-reaching consequences.

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