How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+)

How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+)

Minecraft has recently a new equipment, a brush, which can be used for players to clean certain blocks to items such as pottery shards or sniffer eggs. So if you are looking for how to craft or use a brush in minecraft, read ahead in this step-by-step guide!

Crafting a brush in Minecraft (v1.20+)

To carft a brush, three materials are required, and obtaining these materials involves various methods, like:


Feathers can be obtained by killing a parrot or chicken.

How To get feather in Minecraft (v1.20+)
How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+) 7


Smelting raw copper in a furnace or blast furnace will yield copper ingots.

How To make copper in Minecraft (v1.20+)
How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+) 8


Place two bamboo or wood planks in the crafting grid to craft sticks.

How To get sticks in Minecraft (v1.20+)
How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+) 9

Crafting Process

Placing the Feather, Copper Ingot, and Stick in a vertical line at the table’s center crafts a Brush.

How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+)
How To Use Brush in Minecraft (v1.20+) 10

How to Use a Brush in Minecraft (v1.20 and up)

You need to find suspicious gravel blocks and suspicious sand first. The texture of these blocks is more detailed than usual sand and gravel blocks. In Minecraft, examining the bottom of the desert wells is the simplest method for locating suspicious sand.

image 35
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After finding the suspicious sand or gravel block, you need to equip the brush and apply it to any suspicious sand or gravel block. The block will gradually reveal a special piece of loot.

image 36
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Decorated pots and shards found in the suspicious sand or gravel offer a lot of creative potential for players who enjoy building and customizing their Minecraft worlds. They add a beautiful and functional element to your builds, whether you’re using them for decoration, storage, or both!

Do you have any specific questions about pottery in Minecraft, lemme know in comments below? I’d be happy to provide more details or answer anything else you’re curious about.

Tips for using the brush in minecraft

  • Conserve Durability: Use the Mending or Unbreaking enchantments to extend lifespan of your brush.
  • Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel have a slightly different texture appearance compared to the regular ones. Look for dashes or specks on the surface to distinguish them.
  • Explore Ruins Thoroughly: Suspicious blocks can be scattered throughout whole desert temples, so explore carefully to find all of the ones hiding.
  • Experiment with Different Ruins: The types of items found within suspicious blocks can vary depending on the type of ruin you’re exploring.
  • Utilize Items: Use the pottery shards to craft unique pots, and enjoy the other treasures!
  • Gather Items: Pick up the revealed items, which can include pottery shards, coal, dyes, decorative items, and even rare minerals like emeralds.

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