How To Make A Lead In Minecraft (V1.20+)

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft (V1.20+)

So, in Minecraft, leads play a significant role in managing mobs and animals, allowing players to guide and control them. Understanding how to craft a lead in Minecraft requires knowledge of the materials needed and the methods to obtain them.

Materials Required to Craft a Lead

To craft a Lead in minecraft, players need :

  • 4 String
  • 1 Slimeball
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Put the string in the middle-left, top-left, and top-middle slots on a crafting table. then put one more in the bottom-right slot. Once that’s done, place a slimeball in the center to receive two leads.

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How To Get String

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String primarily drops from Spiders, with each regular Spider typically yielding between 0 to 2 Strings upon defeat. However, other mobs like Striders and Cats also have a chance of dropping String, albeit less frequently. Players with a tamed Cat may receive String as a gift after sleeping near it.

Cobwebs and fishing are alternative methods to acquire String, as well as trading with Piglins or finding it in various Chest loot across different structures.

How to Get Slimeballs

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Slimeballs, essential for crafting Leads, are obtained by killing Slimes found in swamp biomes or underground dark areas like caves.

Alternative Ways To Get Lead In Minecraft

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Leads can also be obtained through looting chests in certain structures, including Woodland Mansions and Buried Treasure Chests, with varying spawn rates depending on the Minecraft edition.

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Wandering Traders, accompanied by Llamas, provide an opportunity to obtain Leads by separating the Llama from the Trader or, as a less favorable option, eliminating the Trader or their Llamas.

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