Goku VS Sung Jin Woo – Who Would Win?

Goku VS Sung Jin Woo – Who Would Win?

Who Would Win? Goku or Sung Jin Woo?

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Ah, a classic hypothetical battle! Comparing Sung Jin Woo from Solo Leveling and Goku from Dragon Ball is a popular topic, but it’s important to acknowledge the vast differences between their universes and power systems. Analyzing their strengths and weaknesses can help us understand who might have the upper hand, but a definitive answer is subjective.


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Goku, the iconic protagonist of Dragon Ball, began his journey as a simple, naive boy with superhuman strength and a tail. Trained by Master Roshi, he entered the Tenkaichi Budokai tournaments, facing and overcoming powerful opponents like Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and Piccolo Daimao. He unlocked his Saiyan heritage, transforming into the Super Saiyan, to defeat Frieza, a galactic tyrant responsible for his planet’s destruction. Overcoming countless threats, Goku surpassed Super Saiyan, achieving transformations like Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct, facing gods and universe-level dangers like Jiren and Moro. Through sheer determination, relentless training, and a Saiyan’s love for battle, Goku has pushed his limits, protecting his loved ones and Earth.

Sung Jin-Woo

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Sung Jin-Woo, from Solo Leveling, started as the weakest Hunter, ridiculed and constantly facing near-death experiences. In a desperate situation, he entered a hidden dungeon, forming a contract with a mysterious being, becoming the “Shadow Monarch.” He gained the ability to summon and control powerful shadows, growing stronger with each battle and dungeon clear. Facing monstrous threats like the Iron Blood King, the Frost Monarch, and the Monarch of Beasts, Sung Jin-Woo strategically combined his shadow’s abilities, adapting and evolving his power. He orchestrated grand strategies, exploiting his enemies’ weaknesses to achieve victory. Through cunning tactics, his growing army of shadows, and an unyielding will to overcome challenges, Sung Jin-Woo rose from the weakest to the most powerful being in his world.



  • Superhuman strength, speed, and durability: This innate Saiyan trait has been honed through rigorous training, allowing Goku to perform extraordinary feats like deflecting planet-destroying attacks and moving faster than light. It aided him in countless battles, from overpowering Piccolo Daimao to battling gods like Beerus.
  • Ki manipulation: By focusing his life energy (Ki), Goku can unleash powerful energy blasts, fly, and even teleport. Kamehameha, his signature attack, is a powerful Ki blast used against numerous opponents like Frieza and Majin Buu. Flight grants him aerial mobility and tactical advantages, while Instant Transmission allows him to travel vast distances instantly, aiding in surprise attacks and rescues.
  • Transformations: Throughout his journey, Goku unlocked various Super Saiyan transformations that exponentially increase his power, each with unique characteristics. Super Saiyan, first used against Frieza, grants immense power and speed. Super Saiyan God, achieved through a ritual, grants god-like power to combat threats like Beerus. Ultra Instinct, a state of pure instinctual combat, grants unparalleled reflexes and dodging abilities, showcased against Jiren. These transformations, although temporary and draining, have been crucial in defeating powerful enemies.
  • Genki Dama: This powerful spirit bomb gathers energy from all living beings and can destroy even the strongest opponents. While challenging to gather enough energy, it proved effective against Majin Buu, symbolizing the combined hope and power of good.

Sung Jin-Woo:

  • Shadow Summoning: The core of Sung Jin-Woo’s power, he can summon and control various shadows he has encountered in dungeons. Each shadow possesses unique abilities like Berserker’s immense strength, Iron Giant’s defense, and Greed’s manipulation of magic. They proved invaluable in conquering dungeons and defeating Monarchs. The Frost Monarch was overwhelmed by the combined might of his shadow army, while the Iron Blood King’s powerful attacks were nullified by Iron Giant’s defense.
  • Shadow Extraction: After defeating shadows, Sung Jin-Woo can absorb their essence to become stronger and unlock new abilities. This constant growth fueled his rise from the weakest Hunter to the Shadow Monarch. Absorbing the Iron Blood King granted him immense physical strength and control over metal, while Beru’s extraction enhanced his leadership and tactical prowess.
  • Ruler’s Authority: This ability allows Sung Jin-Woo to issue commands to his shadows, enhancing their abilities and coordinating complex maneuvers. By strategically commanding his shadows to attack specific weaknesses or create diversions, he outmaneuvered and defeated powerful enemies like the Frost Monarch and the Beast Monarch.
  • Levitation: This ability, gained through absorbing the Kamish’s shadow, allows Sung Jin-Woo to fly, granting him aerial mobility and tactical advantages. It proved crucial in evading attacks and outmaneuvering enemies in enclosed spaces.
  • Instant Dungeon Creation: By sacrificing mana, Sung Jin-Woo can trap enemies in pocket dimensions filled with dungeon monsters. This ability proved effective in isolating and weakening powerful opponents like the Beast Monarch’s subordinates.


While Goku possesses immense power and versatility, Sung Jin-Woo’s unique abilities, strategic mind, and ability to adapt on the fly give him the edge in this specific scenario. The shadows’ ability to absorb energy and Sung Jin-Woo’s control over them prove too much for Goku to overcome, even with his transformations. However, it’s important to remember that this is a hypothetical battle with subjective interpretations. Both characters hold immense potential, and the outcome could differ depending on various factors.

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