Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 spoilers: Everything You Need to Know!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 spoilers: Everything You Need to Know!

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 spoilers: Everything You Need to Know! 2

Hey guys, What’s up? Did you know? Dragon Ball Super exciting spoilers from chapter 98 are buzzing around the internet, giving us a peek into what’s coming. Looks like the current story arc is heading towards its climax.

Right now, the series is delving into the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero storyline. Fans are eager for fresh, original content from the creators. The fanbase has been waiting patiently, enduring a hiatus and a movie adaptation without new material. But now, there’s hope. Fans are crossing their fingers, hoping that Dragon Ball Super will treat them to something new after the Super Hero arc concludes.

Disclaimer: Spoiler alert! This article contains unreleased Dragon Ball Super manga content.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 Spoilers:

In the leaked panels, we witness Krillin facing off against Cell Max. The battle looks intense, with Krillin using his Solar Flare move to blind his opponent. Fans couldn’t help but notice the amusing expressions on Cell Max’s face as he braced for Krillin’s attack.

After Krillin’s Solar Flare, Gamma 2 jumped into the fray, giving Cell Max everything he had. While it did some damage, it didn’t knock out the opponent. Just when Cell Max was about to finish off Gamma 2, Piccolo swooped in and transformed into his Orange Piccolo form.

Here’s a twist: In the manga, Pan steps up. She finds a lost Senzu bean and tosses it to Gohan during the battle, enhancing his abilities.

The battle continues, showcasing Piccolo, Gohan, and Cell Max in action. Despite the power differences, Piccolo holds his ground against Cell Max’s attacks, buying time for Gohan to prepare for a transformation.

Based on the leaks from @DbsHype1 on X, it seems the chapter will close with an intense face-off between Piccolo, Gohan, and Cell Max. The exact cliffhanger moment is hard to predict, but one thing’s sure—the Super Hero arc is wrapping up soon. If the creators stick to the pattern, chapter 99 will likely mark the end of this arc.

When and Where to Catch Chapter 98:

Excited for chapter 98? It’s dropping on October 20, 2023. Dragon Ball Super follows a monthly release schedule. You can catch the latest chapters on Viz Media’s official website.

A heads-up: Only the last three chapters will be free to read. You can also check out Shueisha’s MANGA PLUS for free reading, but remember, each chapter there is available for a single free read. If you want to dive back in, a subscription will be needed.

And that’s it! Stay tuned for more updates, and

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