Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know!

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know!

Good news for Boruto fans! Early potential spoilers for Boruto have surfaced. Chapter 81 is set to be released on August 21, 2023 (JST). With less than seven days left, everyone is excited to know what will happen in the upcoming manga chapter.

So, In the last chapter, Sarada convinced her father to help Boruto. After that, Sasuke helped Boruto in escaping the Hidden Leaf Village despite being influenced by Eida. The protagonist decided to take down Kawaki even though it felt like all hope was lost.

The post will continue to be updated as more spoilers come to light. However, please be aware that the leakers might delete their posts over time. If you come across deleted Twitter posts on this blog, kindly inform me on Twitter so that I can promptly update the blog.

Disclaimer: Article contains potential spoilers from the Boruto manga. The leaks are early and still highly suggested to wait for official release for accurate translations.

Code Attacks Konoha Again

Spoilers reveal that the story will resume with Code attempting to attack Konoha once again. In the leaked pages, we see Boruto and Kawaki confront each other as Boruto re-enters Konoha to stop Code.

Spoilers revealed that Boruto will come to Sarada’s rescue, indicating that the new Konoha might not be adequately prepared for Code’s impending arrival.

Sarada’s and Mitsuki’s new design

Sarada’s design was teased earlier, almost a month ago. Leaks confirm that she will appear in the chapter in the fight against Code where we witness her complete new design. We also, however, get a look at the post time skip design of Mitsuki, as seen in a conversation with Kawaki.

Himawari’s Time Skip look is revealed

She was left all alone after her parents were sealed away and her brother had to leave the village. Chapter 81 might spill the beans on where she’s been. While the manga didn’t give us any direct hints, there’s a chance she’s living with Iruka-sensei or Sakura. Iruka-sensei’s taken care of Team 7’s kids before, so he could be on duty again. But both Boruto and Sasuke are out of the village.

Early leaks do not share much of her whereabouts though we are told that we can expect to see new an aged up Himawari with her new long hairs.

whereabouts of Naruto and Hinata

Eida’s power made everyone believe that Boruto has murdered the Seventh Hokage, however in reality, Kawaki took the Seventh and Hinata, in a bind, to another dimension.

Early leaks hinted that Kawaki possesses the capability to traverse the dimension in which he has confined the 7th Hokage, Naruto, as well as Hinata. Now the new leaks give us a sneak peak into the dimension where Kawaki has locked up Naruto and Hinata.

New Hokage is Shikamaru.

After Kawaki put Naruto and Hinata in a bind, it was believed that Boruto actually murdered the Seventh Hokage. With the village needing a leader, there’s it was a no brainer that we will see a new (or old) Hokage taking Naruto’s place. A very possible candidate for the Hokage was Kakashi Hatake, reminiscence of how Third Hokage took over the position of Hokage after Minato’s demise.

Despite the hopes of many fans who wanted to see Kakashi again taking the position of Hokage, early leaks have revealed that Shikamaru was selected to be the next Hokage candidate.

Boruto’s development

Because Sasuke and Boruto both were away for training, early leaks have confirmed that we get a glimpse of some of the new abilities and growth of Boruto as a Ninja in the upcoming Boruto Chapter 81.

Fans are eagerly hoping that Boruto learns new jutsu and/or a new fighting style, or learns to use his Otsutsuki powers better. This could be the perfect moment for them to show us what he has learnt.

Judging from his heavily Sasuke inspired looks, we may also get to see him use a lot more Uchiha style of jutsu and fighting style.

We may also see a glimpse and more control over the Jogan eye of Boruto and its powers as it is something he has received directly from the Otsutsuki.

We will keep you all posted as soon as trusted leakers confirm the leaks or as soon as the new leaks arrive. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more!

This is it for the early spoilers. Again, The leaks are early and still highly suggested to wait for official release for accurate translations.

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